Act on specified commercial transactions

1. Name, address, and telephone number of the business operator


Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo



2. Representative for online sales

Representative Director
Matsuda Noriyuki

3. Selling price, postage, handling fee

  • • The sales price and shipping fee are listed on the product sales screen of each product.
  • • The prescribed fees (consumption tax less than 1 yen are rounded down) arising from the payment method are as follows.

credit card

In the case of installment payments, the fee must be paid separately to the credit card company. Please contact your credit card company for a split fee. (There is a contact information on the back of the card.) )

Convenience store payment

The total amount includes a convenience store payment fee of 110 yen (tax included). If this total amount exceeds 30,000 yen, there will be additional payment fee of 220 yen (tax included). Thank you for your understanding.


Total payment On-delivery fee (tax included)
Less than 10,000 yen 330yen
10,000 yen or more to less than 30,000 yen 440yen
30,000 yen or more to less than 100,000 yen 660yen
From 100,000 yen to less than 300,000 yen 1,100yen

4. When and how to pay the price

When to pay

Credit cards, Amazon account payments, AliPay payments, WeChat Pay payments, Google Pay payments and Apple Pay payments: When placing an order (such as debiting from your account is the debit date specified by each credit card company you contract).
C.O.D.: At the time of delivery of the order product
Convenience store payment (advance payment): Convenience store payment within 8 days from the time of the user's order completion
Convenience store payment (postpaid payment): Within 14 days from the invoice date

Method of payment

You can choose from credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners), Amazon Account Payments, AliPay Payments, WeChat Pay Payments, Google Pay Payments, Apple Pay Payments, C.D., and Convenience Store Payments (Advance and PostPaid). However, the payment methods available vary depending on the nature of the product. For more information, please refer to our purchasing guide.

5. Delivery time of goods

Delivery of products (products)

<If the payment methods are credit cards, Amazon account payments, AliPayFor payments, WeChat Pay payments, Google Pay payments, Apple Pay payments, C.O.D., and convenience store payments (postpaid)>
We will ship by courier or e-mail on the expected shipping date described on the product sales screen of each product. However, depending on the manufacturer's inventory situation, the delivery of the product may be delayed. If you select convenience store payment (postpaid), you cannot set the transfer of luggage.

<If the payment method is convenience store payment (advance payment)>
After confirming the payment, we will ship by courier or e-mail on the expected shipping date described on the product sales screen of each product. However, product delivery may be delayed depending on the manufacturer's inventory status.

Download-selling products

As a general rule, you can download immediately after the purchase procedure (in the case of payment by convenience store payment (advance payment), after confirming the payment).

* Some products that accept reservations are exceptional. Please refer to the product sales screen of each product for the delivery time of the product that accepts reservations.

6. Application expiration date

The application period is described on the product sales screen of each product.

7. Limit the quantity of goods sold

For limited-quantity products, we may refuse orders when the available quantity is exceeded. Whether or not a limited quantity product is listed on the sales screen of each product.

8. Responding to returns, etc.

Order cancellations and returns are as follows.


Before delivery, we will accept it as a cancellation.

  • • If your order has not yet been shipped
  • • If the download version has not been downloaded or installed

In the above cases, cancellation procedures can be made.


After delivery, we accept returns under the following conditions.

  • • Duplicate orders (unopened)
  • • Wrong order (unopened)
  • • Other unopened products by offer within 14 days

9. What to do if there is a hidden defect in the product

Product warranties are governed by the terms and conditions of the warranty agreement or warranty that ships with the product.

10. Operating environment in the case of software products

The operating environment of each product is described on the product sales screen.

Update: February 1, 2022